Services and Contact

Port of Nehalem

The Port deploys markers and navigational buoys throughout the lower river and bay during the main boating/fishing season. We retrieve these assets during months of peak flood potential.

Within the capabilities of its equipment, the Port removes debris that creates a hazard in navigable waters and provides on-water service to constituents for salvage and debris removal from private pilings and docks.
On-water debris removal, salvage service for constituents.  Deploy (includes 1st hour, no prorate): $150/hr
On-water debris removal, salvage service for constituents, additional time (20 minute prorate): $150/hr

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 476, Nehalem, Oregon 97131-0476

Office Address:
36060 6th Street, Nehalem, Oregon 97131

Phone: 503 368 7212
Office Hours: Monday through Wednesday 10am – 2pm

Board Meetings
6:30 p.m.
Jan. – Oct. fourth Wednesday of the month
Nov. & Dec. third Wednesday of the month

Handicap Access:
Please email or phone ahead so that the Port may make arrangements with you to meet your needs.