A Vital Nehalem River & Bay

The Port of Nehalem was established in 1909. In Oregon, ports are special districts governed by ORS 777 and have broad powers as development authorities.

The mission of the Port of Nehalem is to build and support an economically and environmentally sustainable Nehalem River; optimally manage the assets of the port; provide residents an efficient, well-run port district; enhance the health, safety, navigability and accessibility of the Nehalem River for residents and visitors; serve as a catalyst for local economic development.

Channel marking, maintenance and dredging are key issues for the Port.

June Meetings:
June 26 6:00 pm Budget Hearing:
     Announcement | Approved FY2019-20 Budget
June 26 6:30 pm Regular Board Meeting Agenda
Both meetings in the Schoolhouse Room, NCRD 36155 9th Street

Call the Port for more details, 503 368 7212